Business Development Manager Maria Kondrashkina values company culture and inspiring opportunities

Company culture, interesting career path and trustworthy environment. These are the things Maria Kondrashkina is impressed about Alteams – and Alteams is impressed with her talent as well!

Maria Kondrashkina works as the Representative Director for Alteams Japan, where her role involves business development, sales and customer support. Maria and her colleagues provide their clients with technical, customer and quality support, acting as a link between the Japanese customers and the Alteams production facility in China. Moreover, they engage in conversations with new potential clients with a demand for die castings.

“Typically, we help companies with previous quality problems or budget pressures. Alteams can often help with a more optimal design. We can introduce purchasers and engineering to new solutions that will improve their process, product quality or profitability,” Maria describes.

Alteams’ “People First Culture” Means Trust and a Relaxed Environment

For Maria Kondrashkina, working for a medium-sized Finnish company with a distinctive European corporate culture is a significant factor in enjoying her work.

“Many industrial companies might have a corporate culture that does not put people and interpersonal relations first. Instead, there might be a lot of rules, and the staff are expected to follow strict orders given from above. This is where Alteams is different,” she says.

“The Alteams company environment is very relaxed; there is a lot of trust. If you have a problem, you can always find the right person and talk about and its always solved. This makes people comfortable and they tend to stay with the company for a long time.”

One of the upsides of the Alteams’ corporate culture is also the company’s flat organizational hierarchy.

“It’s easy to feel appreciated and as an equal to my Alteams colleagues. We don’t have targets that would be impossible to reach, we’re not pushed to the edge. Everyone in Alteams believes that when you believe and trust in people, they rise to the challenge and excel in what they do, for the benefit of the company. I feel my working community is like a second family for me.”

Alteams Offers Opportunities – Create Your Own Career Path

Maria Kondrashkina joined the company in 2008 in an administrative role for Alteams Suzhou, China. In 2010, after open and constructive conversations with her immediate manager, they were able to find her a more challenging role in account management. In her new position, her competence in sales and customer relations, as well as her extensive language skills were benefitting the company operations better.

After a further 3 years in a business development role, she was assigned to develop the Alteams operations in Japan.

“For me, the most motivating factor in my current role is that I have a lot of responsibilities. A lot of my customers trust me and rely on my expertise. This makes me feel useful and needed.”

“I also get an exhilarating feeling of success, when my suggestions get accepted or new proposals get the go-ahead from the management. I enjoy problem-solving, and it’s great to feel trusted by my peers and superiors.”

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