Summer Greetings from Alteams Group CEO

Alteams has had a positive start to the year, meeting expectations. Growth has continued, particularly in the e-Mobility & Industry region and, as forecast, the business in the Telecom sector has fallen slightly.

The Russian invasion in Ukraine has yet to be fully reflected in demand, but we are starting to witness signs of a slowdown also in e-Mobility and Industry sector’s customer demand. We will continue to take proactive measures, such as focusing on winning  Chinese customers locally.

Looking ahead, we expect strong demand in our Finnish factories, as well as consistent demand in Poland. However, we anticipate some downturn in China, requiring us to continue implementing proactive measures to adapt and control costs.

Sustainability remains a top priority for our company. Alteams Suzhou is actively engaged in sustainability efforts, including participating in the Green Energy Company Certification Project. As a part of this initiative, Alteams Suzhou has achieved three significant certificates, covering occupational health and safety management, energy and greenhouse gas emissions, and carbon footprint.

We are committed to strengthening sustainability awareness and employee involvement throughout the organization. In the third quarter, we will also be publishing our Sustainability Program.

Midsummer is a special time in the Northern Europe when we celebrate nature’s abundance, the beauty of the season, and the joy of being surrounded by our families and friends.

I want to thank you all for the first half of the year and wish you a sunny and relaxing summertime.


Asko Nevala

President and CEO

Alteams Group