Design Assistance

Design excellence for manufacturing

Designing is largely decision-making which requires a great deal of expertise. Therefore, at Alteams, good designing is a priority.

We specialize in assisting you in making the most significant design decisions with a focus on cost-effectiveness similar to your in-house design team. What is more, we can work alongside your own designers and offer our casting, machining and other process expertise to create the best possible output.

Experienced designers within your reach

In manufacturing, there is no room for errors or misunderstandings. Therefore, we make sure that our global organisation can offer design assistance to our customers locally, in your own language, wherever possible. Our experienced experts will support, train and work alongside your own designers, to make the best possible decisions concerning product development and processes, save time and speed up your time to market.

Early involvement saves time & money

Mechanical and physical properties are significantly affected by part design and the casting process, which needs to be considered. In the Early Involvement Phase, Alteams specializes in supporting and assisting customers in:

  • Part design regarding the casting process, post processes and properties needed
  • Cast Part Design 3D file adaptations
  • Casting simulation for improvement and verification of cast part design and tool layout
  • Alloy selection and analysis modifications according to customer requirements
  • Prototype manufacturing to verify concept/design
  • Pre-series or pilot run production

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