Gasket Dispensing

Fast and precise foam sealing for housing covers

Gasket dispensing allows you to seal housing covers efficiently and economically.

Moreover, it helps protect electrical parts and various other applications from moisture, dust, air and other unwanted materials.

In addition, it increases the safety and security of your product and ensures its correct functioning.

High-precision FIP gasket dispensing

Gasket dispensing is a fast and precise process that saves time, reduces waste and speeds up the assembly process and shortens your time to market.

Alteams offers high-precision form-in-place gasket application with sophisticated robotic dispensing equipment.

Our FIP gaskets can be created to support high-volume production and consistency in bead profile for a flat surface and channel configurations.

Various sealing materials are available for different purposes:

  • Electromagnetic shielding (EMC)
  • Environmental (different IP classes)

We have 3 different technologies to choose from, and our designers can help you choose the sealant with qualities that best suit your project.

You may also test different sealing materials in authentic environments as a part of your product development process.

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