Alteams Group

Your effective, trusted & innovative partner for advanced cast aluminium & heat management solutions.

Alteams offers a wide range of design and manufacturing services that help you create advanced, high-quality aluminium castings cost-effectively, anywhere in the world. We operate on several continents, providing professional and flexible service and deliveries.

We help you to bring new & innovative products to new markets on time and improve your product functionality with our original heat management and casting solutions.

With Alteams, you can optimize your supply chain management and cut down on life-cycle costs.

Alteams Values – Dare to be the best.

People are the key to our success

At Alteams, successful co-working environment is built on equality and mutual respect. We trust our people and encourage them towards greatness. Sharing individual expertise within the company is imperative, and all improvement ideas are valuable.

Just as we believe in continuous development of the company, we believe in continuous development of our people. Training & development is key to better service and competence.

High quality attitude

We focus on customer service and want to develop the customer’s business and products.

We adjust our service to meet the standard your company requires.

We understand your business and applications, and listen to your needs & requirements carefully.

Our significant investment in R&D ensures, that we are constantly evolving as a company and as a manufacturer.

We keep what we promise

We promise our clients high-quality products, on-time deliveries and competitive prices.

We keep to our schedules and plans. This is achieved by careful planning of processes and practices, but also by creating a culture of shared responsibility.

At Alteams, we are all accountable. Every single one of us is worth your trust. We all strive to step up to the challenge, and that’s how we succeed: together.

Alteams Corporate Responsibility

Alteams is committed to delivering high quality products, on time and cost-effectively. We respect customer requirements and intellectual property rights throughout our processes. We build and develop a company culture that encourages high quality attitude, teamwork and committed customer service.

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Careers at Alteams

The company name says it all – Alteams is about team work and strong team spirit.

Only through people can we achieve our goals and keep Alteams on the path of future growth. That is why keeping our employees safe and motivated is our top priority.

Alteams is most diverse in its operations, and the positions we offer meet with many occupational ambitions.

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