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Do you want to develop next-generation products that deliver outstanding energy efficiency? We can help you from the beginning – we have already helped world-leading pioneers.

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Our customers are global market leaders in the communication network sector and leading multinational companies in power electronics, renewable energy, energy transmission and distribution, drive technology, industrial automation, marine engine and power generation, e-mobility and clean technology. Would you like to join us?

Key applications include

Industrial Applications

  • frequency converters
  • electrical motors (with and without liquid cooling)
  • inverters (solar or e-mobility)
  • converters (hybrid)
  • control units
  • human-machine interface (HMI)
  • high-voltage switch gears
  • professional LED lighting

Communication Networks

  • microwave radios
  • receivers/transmission units
  • high-performance radio frequency units
  • antenna mounted integrated units
  • power supply systems

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We help our customers in the Communication Networks (NET) and Industrial Applications (IA) sectors to develop next-generation products. We have extensive experience in delivering complete units ready for production lines. This includes machining, surface treatment, impregnation, form-in-place gasket, sub-assembly and logistics solutions.

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Industrial Applications

Motor with liquid cooling

Industrial application
Method: Sand casting

The sand casting method consists of a furan resin bonded sand mold into which melted metal is poured at about 750°C. The sand is bound with furan resin, which is chemically hardened at room temperature by mixing it with acid and sand. Plastic and wood are used as material for the casting pattern at a relatively low cost.

Communication Networks


Communication Networks
Method: High-pressure die-casting

In the high-pressure die-casting process, the metal is forced into a high-grade steel tool at high speed and pressure. The casting temperature is roughly 700°C during casting. The use of vacuum casting technology is an advantage in order to achieve superior quality for light and thin-walled components.


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