Surface Treatment

Enhance the visual appearance, technical functionality or durability of your casting.

Increase your product lifetime with surface treatments

Casting related processes like tumbling (with ceramic stones) or shot blasting (with different media) are standard process of our foundries. These give smooth surfaces to continue towards final surface.

We help you to increase the cast corrosion resistance with passivation (Surtec 650 and E-Clps). The good base against corrosion starts with right aluminium alloy selection. Together with right alloy and passivation your product life time will increase significantly. We do these processed in-house and with our local partners.

Wet / Powder / CED Painting

Painting, either wet or powder painting will finalize smooth and visual surface for your cast product. Powder coating is widely used for cast components as it’s easy and fast way to get product image different.

We help you to find suitable paint based on your product use (internal / external use). We do painting in house and with our local dedicated partners.

We serve you also with CED (Cathodic Electro Deposition) painting with help of our partners. Anodization belongs to our surface treatment offer portfolio as well. By anodization you will get cast surface durability improved against mechanical wear.

Electro Metal Plating

The product with strict needs of radio frequency signal (electrical performance) will be plated with various metal (Ni, Cu, Ag) on top of cast product in electro metallic plating .

The process control is done with visual checks, x-ray control and q-value measurement with network analyzer at factories.

We offer metallic plating and related test and guidance with our partners and also in house in India.

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