Research & Development

Let us design for manufacturing

In our laboratories and production facilities, we try and test different mould materials, alloys, as well as new casting and cooling solutions.

Our active research and development operations are a vital part of Alteams’ culture of innovation. We are constantly involved in countless customer projects, which gives us a great perspective on developing our engineering further.

Proactive R&D leads to the best quality

We don’t just resolve the challenges presented to us by our customers. We proactively find better ways to improve our processes, designs and product quality. It is Alteams’ strategic goal to be the global leader in thermal management, for both moulds and aluminium alloys.

Here’s how Alteams can solve your heat transfer, EMI shielding, IP sealing, weight reduction, structural and material challenges:

Engineering resources to perform ESI, DFM analysis and casting model optimization

  • Cast design for connectors, IP sealing and FIP shielding
  • Cooling fins with nominal heights from 10 to 100mm (contingent on pitch and metal feed path)

Here’s how Alteams can solve your advanced product design challenges:

Aluminium alloys for excellent corrosion resistance, heat transfer, strength and castability:

  • AlSi10Mg (360), AlSi9Cu3 (380), and AlSi12Fe (413)
  • Heat treatable (custom) low-Si alloys to achieve 175W/mK

Friction Stir Welded (FSW) assemblies of a cast, plate or extruded aluminium materials

  • Internal liquid cooling channels
  • Innovative and net shapes

Integration of embedded heat pipes for directional cooling

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