Careers at Alteams

It’s in the people

The company name says it all – Alteams is about team work and strong team spirit.

Only through people can we achieve our goals and keep Alteams on the path of future growth. That is why keeping our employees safe and motivated is our top priority.

Alteams is most diverse in its operations, and the positions we offer meet with many career ambitions.

Alteams HR principles

We do not believe in Ivory Towers. Therefore, management is always within short distance and taking part in decision making is highly recommended.

We value a proactive work attitude, a certain drive to make a difference and play an active role in supporting our growth.

We offer a unique opportunity to practice your profession in an international environment, with inspiring colleagues around the world and possibilities to grow within the company.

We welcome applications from professionals for example in the following areas of expertise:
  • Metal technology
  • Engineering
  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • Supervising
  • Production line work
  • Administration
Alteams Personnel Development Program

Alteams has a dedicated personnel development program for talented employees. The objective of the program is to boost the professional growth of individuals, as well as develop the company culture and share best practices.

This development program is tailor-made for each participant and will last a maximum of three years.

The program consists of a self-learning program, external training based on competence analysis and internal mentoring. The program may include temporary relocation to another Alteams factory in a different country.

Career Stories at Alteams

Business Development Manager Maria Kondrashkina values company culture and inspiring opportunities

Company culture, interesting career path and trustworthy environment. These are the things Maria Kondrashkina is impressed about Alteams – and Alteams is impressed about her talent as well!