Leak testing

Improved pressure retention & protection against corrosion

Impregnation is a process used to seal a porous casting to prevent leakage.

Aluminium die castings typically come out with slight imperfections from time to time, even when performed to the highest of standards.

In some designs, porosity, tiny voids, leak paths, and microscopic holes are nearly unavoidable.

Improve the Quality and Durability of Casted Parts

Vacuum impregnation improves the quality and durability of the casted parts.

For example, in the automotive industry, all parts need to be sealed against external influence.

Even the smallest leak paths can allow in corrosive fluids that spread around the part and cause them to fail.

Impregnation gives your aluminium products better pressure retention and protects them against corrosion.

Easier Machining

Impregnation also makes machining of the part easier, and seals pores to prevent liquid absorption and improves adhesive bonding.

In impregnation, liquid resin is forced into the pores by using vacuum. Once the resin has filled all the voids, it is cooled and solidified.

Alteams also offers a Leak Testing Service.

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