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In our Tech-Center, we store information addressed mainly to designers. The aim is to enhance the initial product by innovative ideas and to improve the functionality of the final product using effective thermal management and casting solutions.

Casting methods comparison

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Our expertise in thermal management and casting solutions give rise to innovations like Excess Heat Transfer, Waste Thermal Management and Liquid Cooling Solutions. This expertise is now at your fingertips enabling you to design the best possible and optimum products. Download materials here!

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CEO Asko Nevala’s blog: Automated production cell for Poland and new alloy alternatives in development

In Autumn 2018, Alteams will continue to invest in key resources. A new automated production cell is underway in Poland, and R&D is working on better alloy alternatives for high demands.

CEO Asko Nevala’s blog: At Alteams, we actively contribute to our clients’ product development

Change is ongoing and impacting the bottom line of clients across the whole industry. As our operating environment continues to evolve rapidly, the demand for more effective production optimisation grows and intense cost pressures have become the new norm.

CEO Asko Nevala’s blog: Speed and quality – the keys to success in 2018

Quick product development along with market fluctuations are expected to increase in 2018 and the near future. Companies capable of maintaining advanced product quality, when rapidly ramping up next generation product, are the most desirable partners in the business of tomorrow.

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