Training & Education

Increase Your Expertise & Get Better Results Faster

Alteams has a high focus on people and their expertise.

We constantly train our people on all levels and want to share our knowledge also with clients in order to achieve the best possible results and quality.

For us, sharing know-how is a natural part of every partnership. We arrange factory tours and induction camps at all our manufacturing locations.

Training helps us to create better products together, more cost-efficiently. Increasing the expertise of our customer’s staff and consultants prevents mistakes, speeds up projects and builds shared understanding.

Tailored Training for Clients

We also offer more comprehensive training processes tailored to our clients’ specific needs at their locations.

We offer training in the following areas of expertise, for example:

  • Casting methods
  • Cast designing
  • Aluminium alloys
  • Product development and prototyping
  • Mould design & manufacturing

Learn more about aluminium casting of the future

Friction stir welding opens up new business opportunities and manufacturing methods for cooling solutions

In power electronics sector, a new generation of powerful power packs creates a need for more effective cooling solutions. Alteams' product development team is committed to tackling the challenge!

CEO Asko Nevala’s blog: Automated production cell for Poland and new alloy alternatives in development

In Autumn 2018, Alteams will continue to invest in key resources. A new automated production cell is underway in Poland, and R&D is working on better alloy alternatives for high demands.

Supplier of the year 2018

Siemens Motion Controls viewed Alteams performance as achieving world class levels on key performance indicators, which resulted in Alteams being Overall Winner of 2018.