Alteams Finland carbon dioxide emissions are now calculated

Alteams has calculated its global carbon dioxide emissions from its energy use since 2018.Alteams is committed to halving its 2019 CO2 emissions by 2030.

All locations have created actions in support of this commitment.  These actions, including the emissions-free electricity sources are assisting our company in achieving our target. As a part of company responsibility and climate action, Alteams Finland succeeded in obtaining the Finnish Central Chamber of Commerce’s Carbon Footprint Calculated award, which signifies the company’s Finnish operations Green House Gas (GHG) emissions calculated from its energy use, based on the GHG Protocol.

GHG Protocol is the widely used globally GHG emissions calculation standard which in addition to calculating CO2 levels, other GHGs are included in the calculation.

This protocol can extend also to other Alteams locations when the correct GHG emissions linked to the sourced energy are known.