Alteams Group – important info on coronavirus epidemic situation

The worldwide coronavirus situation (COVID-19) is still evolving, resulting in a strong impact on global companies and their corporate entities . The situation in China is calming down, however the number of people affected is increasing in other areas of the world.

As a global organization with operations around the world, we naturally wish to ensure the well-being of our colleagues and clients. At the same time, we are making every effort to ensure our customers continue to operate as fluently as possible, especially during these challenging times. We closely monitor all developments and adjust our operations accordingly. We closely follow the advice of experts and continue to take preventive measures in full accordance with instructions from the authorities.

To ensure our customers are best served by us, we have prepared for this situation as follows:

  • We have reviewed the responsibilities and methods to prioritise our services and other tasks in exceptional situations.
  • We have advised our workforce on appropriate hygiene and how to deal with situations where there is reason to suspect infection.
  • We have limited our internal travel to a real minimum and promoted a variety of remote working options, both in customer related work and in other service related issues.
  • We have informed all our subcontractors, suppliers and other partners concerning strict restrictions on factory visits.
  • We will not carry out any foreign travel until further notice.We prefer to use online meetings with our clients and partners.

We prefer to use online meetings with our clients and partners.

In the case of the coronavirus impacting our company’s ability to temporarily operate, we will notify you separately.