Alteams Hitech Tools (AHT)

To meet growing demand for Telecom industry customers, Alteams founded Alteams Hitech Tools (AHT) in Suzhou SND in year 2005. Prior to this time, most HPDC molds were imported from Europe or sourced from Ningbo area almost 5 hour driving distance from Suzhou – making tooling modifications a lengthy process. AHT was created from equipment and technical personnel from acquired Swedish tooling supplier Intermekano – combined with a young and motivated team of locally trained Toolmakers.


  • From a humble start of 9 tools in 2005, to now 125 molds produced in 2021, and 1610 molds overall since 2005.
  • AHT continues to invest in manpower, more-capable equipment, and local supply chain development to remain cost competitive and flexible to market demands.
  • AHT expanded to successfully produce first-off and copy tooling for JV AAIL (in Chennai since 2007), APO (in Lebork since 2013), and AFI (in Laihia since 2007).
  • AHT is also proud Tooling supplier to a World Class Escalator company in Suzhou/Shanghai since 2007 (total six 2-cavity pallet tools and two 1-cavity Step tools for 3300T DCM’s).
  • In 2019, AHT was integrated into new R&D company Alteams (Suzhou) Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.
  • In 2021, to gain floor space and provide better integration with the Engineering team (sharing Siemens NX and Magma simulation tools), AHT was relocated from a satellite facility into main Alteams (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. facility on Chaohong Road.

Full-Service mold design, simulation, manufacturing, sampling, and dimensional product acceptance (PPAP) under one roof provide many benefits to our customers:

  • Alteams can prevent access to customer proprietary design data by control of tool manufacturing in house. Likewise, we can restrict access to physically see the tooling prior to our end-customer’s product launch.
  • Faster/more accurate communications at all stages of the tooling process.
  • More confidence in capturing all tooling enhancements made by the factory when replicating Copy tools.
  • Control of Delivery Schedule and cost control during build.
  • On-going tooling Continuous Improvement Programs (CIP) based on our real-life high pressure die cast environment.

Our competence in AHT tooling is proven. Bring us your next tooling challenge.