CEO Asko Nevala’s blog: At Alteams, we actively contribute to our clients’ product development

Let’s work together to respond to the transformation of the competitive landscape

Change is ongoing and impacting the bottom line of clients across the whole industry. This calls for a clear understanding of increasingly complex value chains. As our operating environment continues to evolve rapidly, the demand for more effective production optimisation grows and intense cost pressures have become the new norm.
At Alteams, we all share a common commitment to our partners who operate across a number of industries in the global market place. We are best placed to develop new, innovative and competitive solutions to respond to changes in markets.

“We want to ensure that we are the number one choice for our customers for the development and manufacture of sophisticated aluminium casting solutions.”

Alteams OPEX – Operational Excellence focuses on the success of our clients

We have a solid approach to developing the business activities of our clients where the priority is to proactively respond to their needs and requirements. This is achieved with a first-rate service, no matter what the level of the challenge. We believe it is our role to continue to evolve and extend our casting techniques.
The Alteams OPEX operating model reflects these priorities and has been designed to optimise and streamline our own operations. The key purpose of OPEX is to ensure that we optimise our skills and expertise to maximise commercial benefits for our clients.

This is OPEX:

Safety – guaranteeing quality

Ensuring the safety of our personnel and working methods is our top priority. We are committed to safety first, both in terms of our people and our working methods. For us at Alteams, safety underpins everything that we do.

Quality – every day, in everything that we do

Sophisticated technological know-how, a range of casting solutions and our commitment to continuous improvement mean that we are extremely well placed to respond to the needs of our clients by providing them with high quality and added value.

Fast and timely – delivering industry leading customer service

Fast response times for manufacturing competitive and highly specialised aluminium castings is our genuine commitment. Product development requires working closely with clients, tool manufacturers and foundries. Through local service commitment we are able to deliver products on time and on target, always in accordance with clients’ needs.

Productive and effective – delivering genuine benefits

Our agile and lean operating model brings efficiency benefits to our clients, delivers lower costs and allows us to pilot new and innovative solutions before entering into mass production.

In future, we want to deliver even closer working relationships with our clients to create new and highly competitive cast aluminium solutions. Get in touch to tell us how we can help boost innovation in your business.

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CEO Asko Nevala