CEO Asko Nevala’s blog: Alteams Group – 2019 summary & 2020 plan

In the shadow of the current world situation, the time has come to summarize our performance in 2019 and develop an action plan for the difficult 2020 period.

Last year was quite challenging for Alteams. We have been working on a huge amount of new projects in all our major foundries, including ramping up the peak amount of tools for 5G, especially in China. Several new interesting projects for industrial customers were developed in Poland. At Alteams Finland, we had much more new projects in ramp-up phases than in previous years.

Furthermore, we have invested in new technology and equipped our factories with various machines. At Alteams Suzhou, for instance, melting capacity was increased and a few CNC machines were installed. Our site in Lębork, similarly, gained an additional melting capacity as well as a second 1100t HPDC cell. Investments in friction stir welding and X-ray machine were important steps to increase our capabilities in the e-Mobility products segment. Last but not least, a new office building in Loppi was taken into use.

Because of our competence and knowledge in waste heat management, we were further able to continue our strategy and gain more and more customers and projects in the e-Mobility sector. In our main telecommunication factory in Suzhou, we carried on introducing new projects for the 5G network.

All in all, our expectations for 2020 are high. We have a few organizational changes and fresh projects going on which gives a good base for the future. As for the current moment, all Alteams factories are running quite normally, but we have to be prepared for the negative influence of the pandemic in the second part of the year and react quickly. Our major focus for 2020 is to successfully implement all planned investments and get the projects running as smoothly as possible in these challenging circumstances.

Right now we carefully listen to our customers’ needs and hope that our common future will be bright.