CEO Asko Nevala’s blog: Speed and quality – the keys to success in 2018

Speed and quality – the keys to success in 2018

Quick product development along with market fluctuations are expected to increase in 2018 and the near future. Companies capable of maintaining advanced product quality, when rapidly ramping up the next-generation product, are the most desirable partners in the business of tomorrow.

2017 at Alteams was a year of improving our Operational Excellence to meet the demands put upon us. In combining technical expertise and first-rate processes we have succeeded in meeting the requirements of our Communications Networks and Industrial Applications customers.

Cyclical and rapidly changing supply demands are a reality in these sectors. In 2017 we achieved further enhancement in our processes and continued to adapt to meet customer needs.

One example of how our clients appreciate our performance was Alteams Suzhou’s award as “Purchasing Supplier 2017” by Siemens Congleton. The evaluation process comprised of performance in competitive pricing, offer pricing structure, active participation in Siemens initiatives and quality of co-operation, availability, flexibility, and professionalism of the supplier.

During last year our expertise and capabilities were realized in thermal management and prototype manufacturing, which successfully assisted our customers in developing superior products. We can expect this year and next year several product launches regarding liquid cooling.

I would like to extend my gratitude to our customers and partners, as well as our employees all over the world, and wish you all a successful 2018. I am looking forward to continued success this year.

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