Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its effects in Alteams Suzhou (update 2020-02-18)

Alteams China got approval from the local government of Suzhou to resume production on February 12, 2020.

However, due to the travel limitations, required self-quarantines for people travelling from other cities, as well as restrictions by residential areas, in the weeks 7 and 8 less employees were able to return to work than in the initial plan. The best estimate of our production in the week 8 is 60%-70%, and in the week 9 80% of the normal capacity. We expect our production to be back to normal capacity from the week 10. The office operations have been mostly recovered and our office personnel is either working at our factory or at home office.

We deeply apologize any inconvenience this force majeure situation may cause to our customers and other stakeholders and try our best to increase the capacity and deliveries.

To be able to serve you at the best possible way, we appreciate your feedback of the prioritized products and quantities.

Further information will be given by our Customer Service team.

Mike Wang, Sr. SCM Manager, Alteams Suzhou: or +86 150 5141 8990
Juha Vatanen, EVP Development, Alteams Group: or +358 40 5791857