Coronavirus and its effects in Alteams Suzhou (update 2020-02-07)

Suzhou City officially has earlier declared that no company is allowed to operate during the outbreak of the coronavirus until February 9, 2020. Alteams Suzhou and Alteams Hitech Tools are fully complying with this. Alteams taken multiple actions to protect its employees and so far there are no confirmed coronavirus cases within our company.

Due to the additional travel limitations, required self-quarantines for any people travelling from other provinces, as well as multiple restrictions by residential areas, our deliveries from China to foreign countries and within China will be delayed. Regrettably, our production estimate for the week 7 is lowered to 50 – 60% of normal capacity.

We are vigorously monitoring the situation and will comply with the demands of any further requirements from the local authorities. We deeply apologize any inconvenience this force majeure situation may cause to our customers and try our best to to resume operations and deliveries.

For more information, please contact our Customer Service:

Mike Wang, Sr. SCM mgr, Alteams Suzhou: or +86 150 5141 8990
Juha Vatanen, EVP Development, Alteams Group: or +358 40 579 1857