Alteams foundries are getting greener and more sustainable

Alteams recognizes the critical need to reduce energy consumption and its carbon footprint, and it is committed to maintaining excellent capabilities and properties in the High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) processes, while prioritizing environmental responsibility.

Alteams sustainability principles include:
• Reduced Emissions: Our company is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030. There are various measures to achieve this, such as increasing the share of green energy and reducing energy consumption.

• Excellent Foundry Practices: Our company remains dedicated to maintaining excellent capabilities and properties in our HPDC foundry processes while embracing greener practices. This commits Alteams to work according to our sustainability program.

• Utilization of Recycled Materials: Our company is actively transitioning towards the use of recycled materials in its foundries. At our HPDC Alteams Suzhou foundry in China, we utilize our most common aluminium ingots with secondary alloys sourced from suppliers, boasting of a recycling rate of 100 %. These materials have a carbon footprint (weighted avg.) of less than 1,6 kg CO2/kg aluminium.

At our HPDC Alteams Poland and Alteams Finland foundries, we use 100% recycled aluminium ingots from our suppliers, further reducing the environmental impact. These materials have a carbon footprint of 0,6 kg CO2/kg aluminium.


Our journey to a more sustainable and environmentally caring company moves forward.