Investments at Alteams Poland

Major changes have recently occurred in our Polish department. The production site has been enriched with a few new machines and processes which will undoubtedly improve the quality of our services.

  • The first investment is friction stir welding which allows jointing metal efficiently. Alteams Poland, as one of the few factories in this part of Europe, possesses this technology; another machine of this type can be found at our production site in Laihia. Its innovativeness lies in the automatization of the process and low temperature of jointing. With friction stir welding, the joint’s durability is higher, the metal structure remains the same, and there is no porosity.

  • Furthermore, a 1100t die casting machine has been installed. This is already the second machine of this size in Lębork and the largest one at the same time. It increases our capacity and allows us to produce a wider range of products on time and of higher quality.

  • Additionally, a new shaft furnace was purchased. It allows for a much more economical melting – the energy consumption is significantly reduced. The furnace doubles the capacity of our melting shop, allowing us to obtain high-quality metal.

  • Last, but not least – we invested in an X-ray machine to inspect aluminium die-casted components for typical casting defects like pores, blowholes and inclusions.