Summer Greetings from CEO

2021 started and now we are at the halfway point. Extensive Covid related restrictions around the world have continued, although the pandemic situation is showing signs of improvement. I am especially proud of us all in the company for the way we have endured the virus, strengthened our safety measures and acted responsibly.

Regarding business, demand has grown positively in all our locations and looks especially strong in China and in Laihia in Finland. In the Networks, as well as in the e-Mobility and Industry Business units, we are seeing good growth and orders. Our delivery capability has been in good level – even the volatility in demand has been extremely high, as customers are struggling with their electronic components supply. Additionally, a lack of logistic resources from China is adding fluctuation. Both challenges seem to continue on the second half of the year, but we are prepared to serve our customers. We are well on track with our financial targets, even though the rapid increase in aluminium and other materials market prices are impacting negatively to our result.

I would particularly like to acknowledge our Polish operations, which succeeded in the IATF audit, as well as ensuring customer deliveries, despite the adverse Covid situation in this spring. Alteams China is near completion in also achieving the IATF certificate, which is a fine achievement.

The summer solstice is now ongoing in Europe, which is a very significant time in the Northern hemisphere. This year we are rewarded with good warm weather in Europe.

I hope that summer with its warm and sunny days will provide us with energy and strength for our future challenges.

Have a safe and pleasant summer.

Asko Nevala
President and CEO
Alteams Group